An experience of depression

One from the archive: I wrote this over 5 years ago. I continually thank God both for using this particularly difficult experience for my ultimate good and for bringing me through it.

Building Jerusalem


A while ago I was asked to write an article on living with depression for a Christian magazine. They decided not to run the article (understandably as people on their holidays are unlikely to want to read such things) so I thought I would publish it here instead. I don’t expect this to be of particular help to people but simply share it as an example of my own experience.

We often hear people talk about ‘depression’: Their job depresses them; their friend tells them a story that makes them a bit depressed; or even, boring food for dinner on a regular basis is ‘so depressing’. Perhaps even we have referred to ourselves as ‘depressed’ when really what we mean is that we feel a bit sad. In real terms, however, depression (by which I mean real, clinical depression) is something so invidious and all-pervading that to be ‘a bit…

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