Christian beard wars

Christianity Today featured an article titled ‘The Wars Over Christian Beards‘. It states: You’re more likely to see a beard in the pulpit today than

God is a Liberal Democrat – really?!

The Telegraph, Mail and Guardian have all picked up on Steve Webb’s assertion that God ‘must be a liberal’. Webb, himself a Liberal Democrat MP and Minister

Learning from the idiot in the room

Here is a great article from Mez McConnell titled ‘Learning from the idiot in the room‘. Let me strongly urge you to read it.In it,

Knowing vs feeling in worship

Here is Alistair Begg on knowing vs feeling in worship. His point is an interesting one and pertinent for those suffering with depression, grief or

When is an idol not an idol?

It is apt to interpret the Ten Commandments in light of Jesus extension of their reach. The command of Ex. 20:13 to not murder, according to

Interested in health, wealth and happiness? Here are 10 things God promises to reward

Here is a great article outlining 10 things God promises to reward.If you are interested in health, wealth and happiness this article shows you exactly

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