The most overlooked verse that has affected our culture more than almost any other

I wonder if there is a verse (or part of a verse) that has had a bigger impact upon society and culture that has more regularly been passed over than this?

Should the RS GCSE include Humanism?

Yesterday’s Guardian reported about the new Religious Studies GCSE. The story concerns Nicky Morgan, current education secretary, and the content of the new RS GCSE syllabus

The imperiousness of the modern wedding

The problem with modern weddings and what we can all do to make them better.

An experience of depression

One from the archive: I wrote this over 5 years ago. I continually thank God both for using this particularly difficult experience for my ultimate good and for bringing me through it.

What should we make of the banned CofE Advert?

Is the rejection of the CofE advert in British cinemas proof of discrimination against Christians? Probably not.

The only things “laying out a fleece” can tell you

“Laying out a fleece” doesn’t mean or imply what you probably think. Really, it tells us only two things.

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