As our prayers are with Paris, to stop a repeat performance, we must accept where the problem lies

As the world reels from the latest attacks in Paris, if we are to stop further repeat atrocities we must be realistic about where the problem lies despite the possibility of offended sensibilities.

On the inspirational quote

The inspirational quote is often taken out of context and is a means of making anybody say anything we like. Here is how that same principle often applies to the Bible.

Roy Harper, British justice and the contrast of Christ

Those found not guilty in British courts of law still face ongoing consequences of the accusations levelled against them, as Roy Harper recently found out.

A new home

Those of you who have been good enough to follow this blog over the course of time will know of our travails with blogger. Problems

UKIP’s by-election literature: be informed #OldhamWest

As you are probably aware, Oldham West & Royton – the constituency in which I live – is in the the throes of a by-election

The need to defend free speech

In light of things like this, but more directly things like this, this, this, this, this and this, and unhelpful and unconscionable consequences like this, this and this I suggest

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