Ordo Salutis

I was recently alerted to this infographic over at Challies showing the sequence of conceptual steps, according to Reformed Theology, in the process of salvation.

Assisted Suicide

Former Lord Chancellor and current Labour peer, Charles Falconer, has called for a change in the law on assisted suicide. He argues: A person who

The obligatory Christmas post

I know a number of Christian people who choose not to celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons. Some eschew the potential pagan roots of

Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology and the Mode of Learning

I recently read this interesting blog post by my former college principal on hermeneutics and theological learning. Given that we are currently running through a

Disestablishment: Part III

My initial post re disestablishment of the Church of England was never supposed to become an ongoing theme. Alas, the national press, other bloggers, the Anglican

Disestablishment & Discrimination

I happened to write yesterday regarding the disestablishment of the Anglican Church in England. By some happy coincidence, Archbishop Cranmer today picks up the topic of

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