Sometimes it is about the nail I came across this video here. I mainly wanted to share the video because I found it funny. However, it also got me thinking about

Why can’t we spot our biggest flaws?

I previously posted about John Newton’s observation that many Christians live with obvious character flaws which impede growth and affect our witness. I reproduced Tim Keller’s

Repentance for our faults and "foibles"

According to John Newton, most Christians generally avoid committing the most gross sins. However, he argues many never actually achieve much in the way of

A doctrinally tricky position

According to the Guardian, Pope Francis has stated that atheists have also been redeemed by Jesus. The Pope recounted a question from a Catholic, who asked

Preaching and applying narrative

Graham Goldsworthy, in Gospel and Kingdom, rightly warned away from mining the narratives of scripture for moral lessons. Nevertheless, on this approach, how do we

When logical actions are culturally defined and appear absurdly illogical

I was recently given a copy of The Briefing which contained an article on the Islamic protests against a film, made in the USA, which depicted

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