Top posts of 2019

Let me thank you for following and reading this blog throughout 2019. I know you probably didn’t agree with everything (wouldn’t it be weird if

Horus ruins Christmas

I may well have shared this before, but it is particularly pertinent at this time of year. And now we’re this side of Christmas and

Three things to reflect on this Christmas

I hope you’re all enjoying your presents and looking forward to your Christmas dinner. Here are three things to focus on this Christmas Day. Let

Teachers 'N' Trainers UK (Christmas)

Following on from our hugely successful launch – bringing you the best looks of 2019 as worn by the FIEC pastors you want to emulate

Sing up kids!

We had our carol service last night so I couldn’t resist sharing this video again. It’s an old one, but still remains funny. If only

Christmas snippets from the interweb (22nd December 2019)

Do we need to believe in Christ’s virgin birth? ‘You and I have the option, of course, of believing or disbelieving in the virgin birth.

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