Why I don’t fast

What place does fasting have within Christianity? How needful is it for us? Without wishing to say the practice is wrong, here is why I choose not to fast.

Is York Minster right to allow Zen meditation as an offered service?

It was surprising to see the mainstream media pick up on the issue of York Minster offering Zen Buddhist meditation classes. You can read a

What does it actually mean to believe in the sufficiency of scripture?

Before we can begin looking at the doctrine of scriptural sufficiency, it would help to work out what it actually is.┬áLet’s be clear from the

On anti-Semitism in Labour

Over the last few days, claims have arisen over Labour’s antisemitism problem. First came Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West. Prior to her selection as

Why we shouldn’t preach John 7:53-8:11

We tend to think of wrongly attributed quotes as a modern problem that arose with the advent of the internet. But most of us know that

Why being ill on holiday isn’t the end of the world

In our house, we have all been struck down by some lurgy. It started in my son, passed to my wife and duly onto me

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