The role of the pastor’s wife

I should go on record from the outset and state that I am neither a pastor nor a pastor’s wife.* I would like to think,

Evangelicals are not a voting bloc

O what heights of investigatory journalism! Hitherto it had been widely accepted that all Evangelicals believed the same things, voted for the same people and acted

After-birth abortion & moral consistency

It was recently reported in the Guardian that some abortion clinics have been offering sex-selection terminations. This led to outrage from pro-life and pro-choice groups and drew

Redefining Marriage and the C4M

A few days ago I read a great piece on the Coalition for Marriage over at Andy’s Study. I’m in broad agreement with his conclusions

A note on twitter

I’ve had access to a twitter account for a while but, up until now, had little cause to use it. I was thoroughly unconvinced of

Whither freedom of expression in public life?

In a story published by the Guardian, Lady Warsi has attacked what she describes as ‘militant secularisation’ which ‘demonstrates similar traits to totalitarian regimes – denying

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