Study finds conservative theology leads to church growth

The Guardian have reported that a new study has found that theological belief is closely tied to church growth. Specifically, they state: Churches that are

People grow up

The Evangelical Christian world is particularly small in the UK. It is not at all unusual to meet people I knew growing up, or from

The Trump & Brexit results are not of the same kind; only the political discourse

Two elections and twice the liberal elite have been rocked to their core. First, the British referendum on whether or not to remain in the

What does the court ruling on Article 50 actually mean?

So it seems folk are up in arms about a High Court ruling that stated parliament must vote before the government can trigger Article 50

Louis Smith’s ban for mocking Islam sets a dangerous precedent

When people make fun of Christianity in this country it rightly turns the other cheek. When a young gymnast, Louis Smith, makes fun of another religion

For #ReformationDay, here’s the text that sparked the fire

Below is the full text of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses which he posted to the door of the Castle Church, Wittenburg, Germany on 31st October

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