A change of heart

This blogger is certainly not committed to the doctrine of web log infallibility and, from time to time, is wont to revise his position. The

Joy in the Lord

Some time ago, our church mini-group had a discussion on joy. What struck me about our discussions was our general inability to express exactly what

Bold’s Fold

A few cartoons from the excellent Bold’s Fold by Darren – click on the images to enlarge them. Churches are most certainly funny places! These

Considerations for attending a church

Choosing which church to attend can be a difficult undertaking. What appeals to one causes great consternation for another and what some view as centrally

Modern church music need be neither cheesy nor theologically weak

Some time ago I wrote hereĀ on the topic of singing. The post focused predominantly on the style and manner in which we should/could sing in

The administration of baptism

I recently had two quite separateĀ discussions regarding the administration of baptism. Both conversations seemed to revolve around the same key questions: When is it appropriate

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