The obligatory Christmas post

I know a number of Christian people who choose not to celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons. Some eschew the potential pagan roots of

Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology and the Mode of Learning

I recently read this interesting blog post by my former college principal on hermeneutics and theological learning. Given that we are currently running through a

Disestablishment: Part III

My initial post re disestablishment of the Church of England was never supposed to become an ongoing theme. Alas, the national press, other bloggers, the Anglican

Disestablishment & Discrimination

I happened to write yesterday regarding the disestablishment of the Anglican Church in England. By some happy coincidence, Archbishop Cranmer today picks up the topic of


Anti/Disestablishmentarianism, aside from being an unnecessarily long word, is an issue that seems to trouble very few. Interest on the matter seems confined to left-wingers

Spiritual Joy

This excerpt from the Metropolitan Tabernacle website was pointed out on the Who’s that preacher blog:SPIRITUAL JOY – how it may be spoiled or increased (by Dr Masters)I

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