How to kill a church

I have just finished reading Mark Ashton’s excellent little book Christ and His People: Eight convinctions about the local church. It is a very short little

Partnering well Pt II: four ways smaller churches can help bigger ones

In my last post, we considered how you could partner well with a small church like ours. You can read that post here. We looked at

Real need requires real partnership

As I have mentioned here and here, ours is a small church in an area that many would consider insalubrious. We do not have lots

The Trellis & the Vine: a critical appraisal

You can purchase a copy of The Trellis & The Vine here I have been away over Christmas and tried to avoid working, and blogging,

When politics apes the church (or when the church apes politics)

I wrote this over a month ago but made it a private post. It is now publicly available. In today’s Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn is quoted as

The church must reconnect with the poor and deprived: a bishop’s swing and a miss

In a recent article for the Church Times, the Bishop of Burnley – Philip North – has taken the Church of England to task for

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