What should we make of Bethel Church, Redding praying for resurrection?

Reports have been doing the rounds of some tragic news at Bethel Church (not our one, the one in Redding). Adam Ford reports: The two-year-old

In tribute to Barry Chuckle

I woke up yesterday to the news that Barry Chuckle had died. Sad times indeed! Chucklevision was a staple of my childhood. Anybody in their

The problem with Guernsey’s proposed law on assisted dying

Tanni Grey-Thompson speaks into the issues surrounding Guernsey’s debate on assisted dying.

A hill to die on?

From the relative comfort of a life lived without animosity, there are lots of principles that seem worth defending. Many a hill seems worth dying

Can somebody please explain the difference to me?

Today’s Guardian carries a report concerning one Kevin Wilson. Back in December 2015, Wilson was sentenced to life in prison for attacking his heavily pregnant girlfriend and

The nature of the cross and why Good Friday is still good

In an article I read recently, it was pointed out – via the questions surrounding when Christian was saved in Pilgrim’s Progress – that we are

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