Can social media be used well?

Systemic sin

I saw two Facebook posts by Michael Haykin that seemed worth sharing. The first was this: Growing up as an Irish Roman Catholic with a

In defence of Twitter and online discussion

I have seen a load of comments bemoaning Twitter of late and the reality of online discussion in general. Truth be told, I do get

Why Facebook shouldn’t ban Britain First

*sigh* One sometimes worries one sounds like something of a broken record. Regular followers of this blog will have heard this with some frequency. It

Removing friends on facebook gives the lie to why we were facebook friends in the first place

Somebody decided to unfriend me on facebook. Don’t worry, I’m not at all troubled by it nor am I especially hurt or upset. My wife

To filter or not filter with the French tricolour? That is the question

What does filtering our facebook picture with the French tricolour say about our humanity?