An offensive t-shirt should not be an arrestable offence

I am a Liverpool FC supporter. My grandfather, born and raised in Liverpool, though not much of a football fan offered what support he could

Is being an ignorant cretin worthy of arrest?

Another day, another twitterstorm. This time over a man – Matthew Doyle – who boasted of accosting a Muslim woman in the street and asking

How do you define the concept of a liberal society?

Most people seem happy to assent to the idea of free, liberal democracy in the West. Very few people have any problem defining democracy; everyone

Pastor accused of broadcasting “grossly offensive” message against Islam cleared of all charges

Pastor James McConnell, who argued Islam was “heathen”, “satanic” and “a doctrine spawned in Hell” has been cleared of all charges. If the courts can recognise an opinion – unpleasant or otherwise – we need the police and CPS to recognise them too.

Pastor James McConnell and the right to brand Islam “satanic”

As Pastor James McConnell stands trial for an allegedly anti-Islamic broadcast, how far does the right to offend extend?

The Fury and Trump debacles underline the need for robust free speech laws

The recent furore surrounding Tyson Fury and Donald Trump underline the need for robust free speech laws.

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