Bonfire Night

Rather than add to the multitude of things written on this already, let me point you to the following two pieces on Bonfire Night:Remember Remember

Happy Reformation Day

Today is the day (or, night) that many will turn their attentions to trick or treating and reveling in all things spooky. Protestants, however, have

John Stevens – ‘Eliminating the Poverty of Nations’: A Response

John Stevens has written a piece titled ‘Eliminating The Poverty Of Nations: Development Through Free Markets, The Right To Private Property, Democracy & The Rule

The Guardian’s 100 best novels: No 1 – The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan (1678)

I was delighted to see this in today’s Guardian. Delighted for two reasons: (1) It is an absolutely magnificent book; a classic in the truest

God is a Liberal Democrat – really?!

The Telegraph, MailĀ and GuardianĀ have all picked up on Steve Webb’s assertion that God ‘must be a liberal’. Webb, himself a Liberal Democrat MP and Minister

The historical, religious and political ineptitude of the current government

How does one show their appreciation for an outgoing, influential world figure whilst simultaneously ingratiating oneself to those under their charge? Of course, it is

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