Snippets from the interweb (12th July 2020)

Did Moses think sinners could keep the law? John Piper: ‘I don’t think the Bible anywhere, Old or New Testament, encourages us to believe that

If Christian books are often bland (and they are), why would we do the same to our conversations?

A lot of Christian writing is pretty bland and boring. I wrote about this phemonena here. But, if you don’t want to take my word

If we can’t have a discussion, what’s the point of being on twitter?

Yesterday, I was in a discussion with a bunch of different folk on twitter. The specific discussion isn’t that important, to be honest. If you

Snippets from the interweb (5th July 2020)

How church history will help you defend the faith Who better to make this case than Michael Haykin? What “able to teach” means and doesn’t

Snippets from the interweb (28th June 2020)

Unbiblical manhood As a fully paid up complementarian, I largely agree with Stephen McAlpine’s article. Any complementarian prepared to write the things referenced (see above

Snippets from the interweb (21st June 2020)

God doesn’t listen to them ‘On May 14th, Pope Francis joined with Muslims to encourage all people on earth who believe in God, to pray to their

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