Does ‘judge not’ mean make no judgements about sin?

As out of context readings of the Bible go, ‘judge not’ is a common favourite. Many people like to quote it out of context because

Did Jesus actually turn water into beer?

Did Jesus really turn water into wine or did he, as some aver, actually turn water into beer? It may seem like a stupid question.

Why I don’t fast

What place does fasting have within Christianity? How needful is it for us? Without wishing to say the practice is wrong, here is why I choose not to fast.

Rupert Myers’ response to creationists misunderstands both Young Earth Creationism & the “literal” hermeneutic

In a recent and troubling piece in The Telegraph about Dan Walker’s appointment as presenter of BBC Breakfast, Rupert Myers registered some concern because Dan has self-identified

Five reasons why I avoid Lent

As we have just embarked on the lenten season, many of my Christian friends – both Anglican and Free Church alike – have dutifully set

The media reaction to Dan Walker’s appointment as BBC breakfast presenter is ludicrous

Dan Walker, a regular presenter on Football Focus and Match of the Day, has been appointed to present BBC Breakfast following the departure of Bill

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