Reaching Iranians and Farsi resources

Those who have followed this blog for some time will know that we have a sizeable Iranian community with us. We currently function bi-lingually with

Is it ever right to resist authorities? Thoughts on Bonhoeffer, Cromwell and Modern day Iran

We had a monthly men’s breakfast on Saturday. We have a Bible study preceded by a cup of tea and some bacon rolls (we feel

The eternal consequences of bluffing it

Boris Johnson has waded into fresh controversy. He, somewhat unhelpfully, announced that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – a British woman currently imprisoned in Iran – was there

Singing in a language not our own

This last Sunday we sang what was, to my knowledge, the first ever song sung entirely in Farsi at Oldham Bethel Church. We purposefully picked

Western liberal media hypocrisy writ large in the Middle East

The¬†Guardian carried an interesting piece on current trends in the Middle East. It reports comments by the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia –¬†Mohammed bin

Article in Oldham Chronicle 08/03/2017

The Oldham Chronicle printed a positive article about our work with Iranian people. You can read the full article here. It opens with these words: