What sort of person can serve in a deprived community?

There often seems to a sense that unless you have experienced the most appalling upbringing you aren’t cut out to work in a deprived community.

Could you join us in 2018? Training and apprenticeship options with funding available

At Oldham Bethel Church, we currently have roles available for a ministry apprentice and a pastoral trainee. We have options for one, two or four-year

We need more joined up kingdom-thinking on planting and revitalisation

Over the last couple of days, a few people have been chatting about rural ministry. For the record, just to be as clear as I

Having your comfortable cake and eating it

Yesterday, I appear to have touched a bit of a nerve. It’s not anything I haven’t said before and it’s also not anything that isn’t

Funded training opportunities at Oldham Bethel Church

A quick reminder that we have some funded places available for appropriate individuals to join us on a one, two or four year training programme.

Two funded placements at Oldham Bethel Church

We currently have adverts out for two funded positions. We are looking for a Pastoral Trainee and a Ministry Trainee. For more details, you can

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