Four ways you can engage Muslims in your area?

Many people are daunted by the prospect of engaging with the Muslims on their doorstep. There really is no need to be scared. Muslim people

The nature of Evangelism

My wife shared this quote with me and I felt it worth putting out here: I describe the work of an evangelist as being like

Just a passing thought on revitalisation and urban ministry

As you probably know, the BBC relocated much of its operation up North to Salford Quays. Whilst the move was not without its issues, most

Churches in deprived communities don’t exist to salve the conscience of the middle classes

Many of you will have read Bishop of Burnley, Philip North’s, comments on mission to the poor. This High Church Anglican, speaking to a largely

Philip North, mission to the poor and doing anything at all

Last week, the Bishop of Burnley hit the headlines by making some comments about the mission to the poor. His basic argument was that the

Ministry opportunities at Oldham Bethel Church

We have several exciting ministry opportunities at Oldham Bethel Church. For those wishing to join us as a ministry trainee for September 2017 the role

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