What sort of people does Oldham Bethel Church need?

As you may already know, Oldham Bethel Church is currently looking for an apprentice to join us for September 2017. You can find details of

Battling the lie that I deserve resources

The danger of working in a small church, in a supposedly ‘hard to reach’ urban area, is that we fall for the lie that we

Article for FIEC – 04/05/2017

The following article was written for the FIEC website specifically in relation to the work we are doing amongst Muslims in Oldham: ‘A No-Go Area?’

Four reasons we should seriously consider open air work

For many, mention of open air work conjures up images of a bloke wearing a¬†sandwich board emblazoned with ‘turn or burn’ shouting into a megaphone

The importance of the weakest parts of the body

I recently had a minor motorcycle accident. A combination of wet weather, slippery tram lines and potentially going slightly faster than I should round a

Shakeup of Asylum Seeker Dispersal Scheme provides great gospel opportunities

It has long been known, by anybody with their eyes open, that asylum seekers are routinely placed in the poorest areas of the country. The

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