Reflections from a week on mission

I just got back from a week of mission in Llandudno. It went pretty well, thanks for asking. In no particular order, here are some

I don’t want to tell stories; I want to tell truths

I’ve never been much of one for ‘playing the game’. I don’t particularly want to ‘tell stories’ or ‘paint pictures’. I don’t like politicking and

Street preachers acquitted of public order offences

You may remember Рback in March Рtwo street preachers were convicted of public order offences for quoting King James Bible. You can read the

Why does God call us into the work of making disciples?

Christians believe in a sovereign God who ordains all things. Reformed Christians believe that salvation and growth are works of the Holy Spirit alone. It

Misconceptions about the missionary call matter because it takes a missionary heart to reach the unreached

Yesterday I read an interesting article titled ‘4 misconceptions of the missionary call‘. The article sought to demystify what often passes as spiritual views on

What can you do if converts can’t stay?

I have previously written about the problems associated with leading churches that act, essentially, as mission posts. One problem facing churches reaching out into areas

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