Watering down the gospel

Here is Mark Dever on the importance of preaching the gospel as it really is. One truth we need to remember is that nobody accepts

Don’t eat pudding for breakfast, dinner and tea

Given free choice, my children would eat nothing but ice cream. There is rarely a time they don’t fancy ice cream and, given the option,

Critiquing the critique of a critique: a reply to Glen Scrivener

Yesterday, I posted my thoughts on the Royal Wedding address given by Michael Curry. You can read that post here. Suffice to say, I didn’t

The most concerning thing about the Royal Wedding sermon was the Evangelical reaction

Following Saturday’s Royal Wedding, the internet was awash with reaction to the sermon preached by Michael Curry. This is how Justin Welby and Michael Curry

Why I (usually) teach systematically through books of the Bible

We have just recently finished off our sermon series in the book of Numbers. This Sunday we will be starting a new series in the

Make the main thing the main thing

I was speaking to a friend last night. He called me to discuss a sermon he was preparing. I’m glad he did because I was

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