If you can’t answer this, you can’t be a Christian or a church member

There is a question you can ask that will tell you, fairly simply, if it is even possible for you to be a Christian or

Don’t hit people with the old switcheroo

One of our large electrical items gave up the ghost a little while ago. When we went to get a new one, the website of

Pastoral appointments: rethinking our process

The BBC political panel show, Question Time, is now seeking a new host. After 25 years in the role, David Dimbleby is stepping down. Of

How to fail in your evangelism

Here is Mark Dever on the number one, easiest way to fail in your evangelism. If you preach the gospel and somebody isn’t converted, that

Devotion to the public reading of scripture

I previously wrote a review of Adrian Reynolds book Progress: lifelong growth for gospel workers. You can read my full review here. One of the arguments

In defence of cold-contact evangelism

I was listening to the podcast at the Blazing Centre┬áblog which included a snippet asking the question ‘is cold-contact evangelism a good idea?’ (the segment

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