Why Facebook shouldn’t ban Britain First

*sigh* One sometimes worries one sounds like something of a broken record. Regular followers of this blog will have heard this with some frequency. It

A tacitly racist policy on Asian sex gangs can only lead to further racism

It has been reported that 1000s of white working class girls in Telford have been targeted by gangs of overwhelmingly Muslim-background, Asian-heritage men. The story

Tim Farron is right, liberalism has eaten itself: Donald Trump’s retweet proves it

Tim Farron, in his recent theos talk (full text here) said, ‘in this country and across the world, Liberalism will eat itself. Is eating itself.

Should Sarah Champion have backtracked and then resigned over ‘Asian Sex Gangs’ article?

I had not intended to comment on this story at all but it continues apace. It also touches on several areas that this blog has

Rank hypocrisy in the world of virtue signalling

I know it is du jour to¬†provide a purifying caveat of, ‘I don’t usually like X but…’ or an equally cleansing ‘I am an X

A sad story reminiscent of Oldham

In today’s¬†Guardian is a story about ten men from Rotherham, currently in court charged with violent disorder due to a clash with a far-right group.

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