Commission on religion and belief in Britain seems to annoy secularists and faith communities alike

A report on religion and belief in modern Britain seems to have irritated secularists and faith communities alike. What are we to make of it?

On the Ashers Bakery judgment

The Ashers Bakery judgment has been published and the bakers are found to have broken equality legislation. The full judgment is worth reading and can

"Christian" assemblies and cake

This week has seen a furore over a couple of, dare I say, non-issues. In the first, the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev’d John

The loathsome introduction of judicially enforced eugenics

Here is a most troubling story.¬†Lord Justice Munby – Head of the Family Division of the High Court of Justice in England and Wales –

Gay Marriage (again)

It was reported in Tuesday’s Telegraph¬†that UKIP would “strip Christian weddings of their legal status”. Similarly, ten days earlier, Simon Hughes – Liberal Democrat justice

Promising to be true to myself

Victoria Coren, in yesterday’s Observer, wrote an article bemoaning the recent change in pledge from the Brownies. Instead of promising ‘to love God’, would-be Brownies

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