Why I script my sermons

I know it is a practice verboten in every theological college and seminary I can think of, but I still take a full script into the

It does us good whether we remember or not

Last week, I was at the North West Partnership annual conference. One of the speakers was Denesh Divyanathan. During one of his talks about the

Must we wear shirt and tie in the pulpit?

A few days ago, I wrote about being careful about the words you use and the clothes you wear when you preach. The thrust of

How do you prep a sermon?

I am occasionally (very occasionally, I should stress)¬†asked what my process is for preparing sermons. I’m never quite sure if that’s asked in the spirit

Send your best guys

I am grateful to other churches who have sought to partner with us through the sending of speakers. It is a great expression of fellowship

When listening to a sermon, hang-up your critical spirit not your critical faculty

How do we assess sermons?

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