Theresa May poses a bigger threat to our way of life than Islamism

Another horrific and appalling attack took place in London a couple of days ago. On Sunday, the Prime Minister gave a speech denouncing the atrocity,

Western liberal media hypocrisy writ large in the Middle East

The Guardian carried an interesting piece on current trends in the Middle East. It reports comments by the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia – Mohammed bin

Three simple responses to the London terror attack

Once again, a crude terror attack has taken place in our capital. Five people have been confirmed dead – including one police officer and the

College outlaws Christian prayer meetings under extremism rules

Several days ago, The Sunday Times (paywall) reported that a UK Christian Union had been banned from holding prayer meetings and Bible studies on college premises under

They might be extremists

If the Muslim Brotherhood are only “possible extremists”, how does the government square this with their approach to others?

Government consultation on further counter-extremism measures will allow OfSTED to regulate religion

The government are currently consulting on granting OfSTED investigatory powers over all out-of-school settings offering teaching over 6 hours per week. Here is my response to the consultation.

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