Has my theological training helped my ministry?

Someone was asking me the other day whether I trained for gospel ministry. It’s the usual question I get whenever somebody has heard me preach,

Training opportunities with Oldham Bethel Church

If you are looking into theological training and a focus on urban ministry, you can now join Oldham Bethel Church and join us on either

People aren’t going to Hell because of a lack of training options

There has been a lot of talk about training people in urban context mission for some while now. I had some involvement in these discussions.

Recovering the primacy of the church: what about theological education?

I’ve been discussing issues pertaining to world missions of late. Specifically, my latest two posts considered the relationship between the church and mission agencies. They

Considering theological training? Join us in September

Plans have been in the pipeline for a short while and we have now been given the green light, in principle, to become a Union

A return to John Piper and prohibition on female seminary professors: the problem of parachurch

John Piper recently kicked off some controversy when he pronounced that women should not be seminary professors. You can read my comments on that here.

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