The nature of the cross and why Good Friday is still good

In an article I read recently, it was pointed out – via the questions surrounding when Christian was saved in Pilgrim’s Progress – that we are

A tentative answer from an open discussion

I previously posted here and here regarding salvation for believers prior to the coming of the Spirit. The question is as follows: if the reformed

Still seeking a convincing answer… insights welcome

A few weeks ago I posted here regarding a conundrum relating to regeneration, salvation and Old Testament believers. In his farewell message to his disciples, Jesus promises

Something of a conundrum…

An issue cropped up in two separate conversations I had recently. In the first, both I and my fellow interlocutor independently reached the same conclusion

Middle Knowledge, Free Will and the Reformed Schema

I previously outlined a theodicy which sought to integrate the Molinist conception of Middle Knowledge into a framework of compablist free will that would synchronise

Christian beard wars

Christianity Today featured an article titled ‘The Wars Over Christian Beards‘. It states: You’re more likely to see a beard in the pulpit today than

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