Babak’s story

We’ve been thinking, as we’re in the midst of lockdown, about ways that we might reach out with the gospel in these extraordinary times. One

Using the Bible for political ends, whilst failing to do what it says, undermines any credible claim to believe it

It is hard to ignore what is currently unfolding in the United States and even harder not to weep. The death of George Floyd –

Guest post: What are the problems of planting in a deprived community

This is a guest post by Stephen Watkinson, who is shortly going to join Oldham Bethel Church as a planter with a view to establishing

The Africa Cup of Nations and church culture

As I was scrolling through the news yesterday, I came across this story on the Guardian website (it’s not that I consider the journalism superior,

Snippets from the interweb (31st May 2020)

Dear worthless cockroach I am so glad of this one. Growing up in a solid Reformed Baptist church, I definitely heard one half of this

Why plant in Rochdale?

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