The blessing of plural eldership

The Bible is quite clear about the need for multiple elders in the church. It was the pattern established in Acts once churches had been

Can I miss God’s best for me?

There is a thought that does the rounds with some frequency. I have heard it in the context of people affirming God’s ‘wonderful plan for

Three reasons we probably should wear face coverings (even if we don’t really want to)

We’ve been meeting in church since restrictions on meetings were lifted. Since last Sunday, at which point we knew face covering were soon to mandatory,

Fact checking more claims about asylum seekers

Following on from my article fact checking the claims of Nigel Farage regarding the placement of asylum seekers in a hotel in Bromsgrove District, in

Snippets from the interweb (9th August 2020)

Excuses I’ve used #1: I’m sorry but I’m an introvert My wife and I are both different sorts of introverts. But no less introverts. It

Jim Packer & moving middle class people

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