Identity politics and individualism

I was involved in a conversation about identity politics the other day. I hadn’t intended to write anything about it (and still don’t intend to

Snippets from the interweb (9th June 2019)

Virtue signalling and historical presentism ‘We are no better at thinking outside of our cultural, moral “box” than anyone in the past. We can’t see

Credobaptism, Paedobaptism & Dual Practice

Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Pentecost

We were due to have our monthly Muslim-Christian Dialogue last night. Sadly, due to a communications break down it didn’t happen. Our Muslim friends’ are

Four ways to lead people towards membership

We’ve all been there. A new person or couple turn up at church and have been coming for a while. They are on the fringe

Four ways to blow up your church over the long term

It is becoming sadly common to hear of churches and church leaders falling into error. Many times, the aftermath of such things leads to the

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