Snippets from the interweb (18th August 2019)

The West cannot survive without a re-energised belief in Christianity I was surprised to read this in the Spectator. ‘I have come to a disconcerting

What are the benefits of conventions & conferences?

Failure to welcome isn’t so much cultural as human

On Twitter recently, there was an interesting discussion about welcoming folk. Whilst the whole discussion is worth a look, I just want to share a

Make sure your sermon says something

I know it’s old and I know it’s taking the mick but, let’s be honest, it’s funny because it is sadly true. How familiar is

If Anglicans are really functional independents…

I have been interested to read some views on remaining in the Church of England from Evangelical voices recently. These are not standalone comments from

How do we lead the church to church plant?

Mike McKinley offers some thoughts on this:

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