What if we lost charitable status?

I’ve seen quite a few of our American brothers and sisters beginning to get tetchy following a CNN broadcast of questions put to presidential candidates

Snippets from the interweb (13th October 2019)

So you want to be a missionary? I co-sign this one. ‘So you want to be a missionary; what should you do? This question has one

Boring preaching & identikit preachers

Guest Post: How should we describe David’s sin with Bathsheba?

This is a guest post by Dave Williams, minister at Bearwood Chapel in Smethwick. Views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not

We can’t draw a straight line from the number of services to spiritual health

I was involved (briefly) in a little discussion about church services the other day. Some were pushing the two-service model hard, others were pushing equally

Just put your phone away!

At the beginning of our church service, we always usher a call for people to put their phones away and turn them off or onto

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