Public comment on public sin matters. Silence does not commend the gospel

A few years ago now, I was getting battered in the ministry. I don’t want to rehash all the gory details here. Suffice to say

Acts 29 and re-assessing our culture

By now, news about Acts 29’s latest failure in leadership has spread far and wide. I first saw the news in an article published at

The advance of the new legalism

I have previously commented that we have a surprising problem with gospel freedom. More often than not, it isn’t what the Bible says that seems

Snippets from the interweb (9th February 2020)

Pizza and coke for communion? ‘Makes the blood boil a bit, doesn’t it? You may have got stuck on the milk and cookies [for communion]

What's it like being a pastor's wife who works for the church?

The job spec (and people) we all really need

Church and ministry job descriptions are funny things, aren’t they? Everyone tends to be on board (unless they’re Brethren) with the idea that the church

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