How are you live streaming your service?

There are lots of ways you can live stream your services. There are advantages to the different ways to do it. For example, if you

What are the theological questions involved in our new normal?

I’ve noticed a few people asking what are the key theological issues that need thinking through given our inability to meet together as usual. So,

Four ways the coronavirus has led to opportunities

I continue to try to think of other things to talk about, but the coronavirus stuff continues unabated. I know most of us are in

EN article: Need or want?

I have been asked to write a regular column for Evangelicals Now. The latest article (my original, unedited version) is below. Evangelical churches are busy

Snippets from the interweb (22nd March 2020)

Our pandemically poor ecclesiology In light of the advice to cancel services due to coronavirus, this is an excellent article by Jared Wilson. Our ecclesiology,

Theological education & working class pastors

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