Who are the Christians?

The video below asks whether Catholics are Christians but really, in its answer, says something much wider about who is a Christian at all, whether

What does committing to the local church mean?

Most people recognise that joining a local church means committing to it in some way. But what does it mean in practice to commit to

Snippets from the interweb (5th May 2019)

Six characteristics of pastors you need to avoid ‘The church today needs pastors who will faithfully represent Jesus in their preaching and lifestyles. If you

Self-care and ministry boundaries

We run a paradoxical race

A story regarding the operational management of the London marathon emerged yesterday. The start time for the slower runners in the marathon was delayed but,

Here to serve

Most churches will tell you that church is all about serving others. Most people, if we’re honest, don’t really know what that means. Most people

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